The NIESE VERPACKUNGSTECHNIK GMBH company provides you an innovative and flexible service for modernization and overhauling of packing machines. For the upgraded machine systems we guarantee an increase of quality and efficiency caused by high-level competence, reliability and innovation of our qualified team. The company, founded in 1993, employs a team of 10 engineering, construction and mechanical specialists. Our staff is well versed with old machines´ technologies as well as with newest developments of mechanical engineering and construction. With our 20 year experience in overhauling elder machinery and equipment for the tobacco industry we are foremost in performing our services in national and international markets.


…comprise the construction, reparation, reconditioning and renewals of packaging machines especially for the tobacco industry. With the upgrading of existing machinery to efficient and as good as new working engines we live up to modern technical expectations and give consideration to our customer’s requirements.

Latest mechanics connected with newest electronics will be integrated in the existing elder machinery generation. During whole working-processes we guarantee a continual check-up for quality and functionality of existing components and units.



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